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Killylea Primary School, Co. Armagh


2019/2020 School Year

1st Dec 2019
December is here, at last and in Foundation Stage our preparations are well underway-...
1st Dec 2019
Our first session of our Shared Education programme Year 3 was at Killylea PS with...
16th Nov 2019
P2 are working on numbers to 20 while P1 are investigating 7.
12th Nov 2019
Rehearsals are well underway! You can practice your songs - just go to Kids Zone...
6th Nov 2019
P4 develop an awareness of the length of 1 metre by looking for items in the classroom...
6th Nov 2019
P3 and P4 led our school community and parents in celebrating the apple harvest.
6th Nov 2019
Can you tell the difference between a cuboid, sphere, cylinder and cube? P1 can!...