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Killylea Primary School, Co. Armagh

Healthy Kidz Nutrition Eyes Teeth (NET) Workshop

23rd Jan 2020

Gail Kinkead told us some fascinating facts about Nutrition, Eyes and Teeth (NET). We also learnt how to take better care of them.

Do you know that lots of children don't blink enough because they are having too much screen time?  This causes itchy eyes!  We need to blink 17 times every minute to keep our eyes in tip top shape.  Getting enough sleep is also important for our eyes.  Sleep gives our eyes time to repair themselves.  Dust and dirt are removed from our eyes during sleep.

When you are having screen time it is important to follow the rule - every 20 minutes take a 20 second break and look out the window 20 metres away.

Do you know that fruit, vegetables and meat are great food for your eyes?  Do you know that wearing goggles in the swimming pool, sea and other outdoor swimming areas is important to keep your eyes healthy.  Chlorine, water pollutants and even salty water can hurt your eyes.  It is good to get outdoors and fresh air is great for eyes!

Gail stressed how important teeth were.  They help us bite, eat, talk and smile.  Do you know the hardest substance in the body is enamel found in our teeth?  We need to brush our teeth to keep the enamel healthy as it doesn't regrow.

Did you know that the plaque that gathers on our teeth mixes with sugary food and bacteria to produce acid?  This acid makes our teeth go bad!  Be careful not to eat too much sugar.  Look at food labels.  If you see words ending in 'ose' like sucrose, fructose, lactose and glucose!  These are all fancy names for sugar.

Tooth decay can be avoided by brushing teeth, particularly at night, with a fluoride toothpaste.  You need to brush every tooth using small, gentle, circular movements for 2 minutes.  You shouldn't use water when brushing as this dilutes the toothpaste and it is less effective.  Use mouthwash before brushing as there is less fluoride in the mouthwash than the toothpaste.  Remember to visit your dentist twice a year to keep a healthy smile.

If you have been sick, think about changing your toothbrush as it may contain germs.  Think carefully about eating dried fruit as it is high in sugar and will stick to your teeth!  Try to stay away from fizzy drinks and if you must, drink them through a straw as the drink will make less contact with your teeth.