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Killylea Primary School, Co. Armagh

Digital Storytelling Project commences at Drumsallen!

23rd Jan 2020

Daniel O'Reilly from the AmmA Centre introduced us to the three Cs and three Ss of film-making - Camera Colour Character Setting Sound Story.  First we thought about the different types of animated film from 'Mickey Mouse' to 'Wallace & Gromit'.  Afterwards we wrote a plot in three sentences for some of our favourite films.  It was interesting  when we tried to identify the 'goodie' and 'badie' in some short films and discovered that all was not what it at first seemed because of twists and turns in the plot.  Daniel helped us explore how film-makers use colour and sound effectively to help us form views of a character or create a certain mood.  Finally there was the opportunity to think about camera angles and how these are used effectively in film-making.  Thanks to Daniel for making it a fun and informative morning!